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Joshua G. Young

Vice President

An inspiring and compassionate leader, Joshua started as an entry level agent in the telecom industry. Through persistent hard work and dedication he worked his way up the corporate ladder to his current position of Vice President at Ipsum Solutions. While doing this Joshua has gained a great understanding of not only each position, but the understanding of the fine details that cause each department to run at maximum efficiency. He prides himself in his ability to motivate others, effectively train sales teams, network within the industry to obtain the best opportunities for his employees and promote those within his organization to outstanding career opportunities.


Trevor Pontillo


A Valiant and ambitious leader and innovator focused in Marketing and Management. Trevor graduated from Le Moyne College with a B.S degree in Business Administration concentrated in Marketing. Currently Trevor is President and CEO of Ipsum Solutions Incorporated based out of Syracuse, NY. Trevor takes pride in his ability to translate big picture visions into operational plans. He has a proven track record of successfully bringing a wide range of players together to develop and implement marketing campaigns from concept to completion. 

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